Dragonflies - Year 2

We appreciate any work you do with the children at home whilst the schools are closed. As we don't know how long they will be closed for it is really important for all your children to keep up with their learning as much as possible. 
The guidelines below are suggestions for how much time could be spent on each area of learning.

Class Dojo

Reading - 15 minutes a day, including questioning the children about what they have read to develop their understanding.

If your child is reading books that are book banded (coloured stickers)
They will be allocated books through their phonic bug log-in. 
If your child is reading a book that is banded turquoise/purple/gold/white/lime they can access free ebooks for their book band through this link to Oxford Owl.
Spellings/phonic games
Daily activities, following the schedule provided on Class Dojo and practising the sounds through online games and activities set for you on phonic bug.
The White Rose website that schools use to support their planning are offering free tutorials and resources that you can access from home. These don't need to be printed you could just talk through the questions with your child. Just click on the home learning tab at the top of the page for each weeks activities.
Hit the Button - Top marks
Is brilliant for doubles, halves, number bonds and timetables. 
The children need to know their number bonds to 10 and 20 by heart.
They need to know their 2, 5 and 10 times tables. 

Mental Maths Train.
This will help with their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills.