School Hours

Year R/1/2
Morning session:

 0850 hours to 1200 hours

(0850 is soon enough for children to arrive.)
Afternoon session:

1315 hours to 1515 hours

Teaching hours excluding playtime and collective worship are 22 hours per week for Years R, 1 and 2. 


The classroom doors open at 8.50 am and are locked at 9.00 am when registration takes place. Registration takes place at 1.15 pm in the afternoon. If your children arrive after 9.15 am they will be marked 'late' and this shows up on half-termly individual attendance records.

Arrival, Access and Safety 

A continuing loop pathway provides a safe access and exit pedestrian route for children and parents. Please use this in-out flow system to ensure safety at busy arrival and departure times. Please ensure you supervise children carefully and ensure they stay on paths and behind safety fences.

When you collect your children from the cloakroom doors, we do ask you to use the pathway to and across the playground round to the back of the school - not the pathway alongside the delivery access. Large delivery trucks can arrive at any time and need space to manoeuvre. The pathway is for the use of kitchen staff and delivery personnel.

SAFETY is so important at arrival and at the end of the school day. Please keep little toddlers under your direct care.

We ask children/adults not to cycle or scooter in school grounds.

We also ask parents not to park in the school grounds. Please park considerately near the school if you need to bring your children to school by car. Please do not block driveways or mount pavements when driving. We are happy to issue parking permits for disabled parents/carers. Please ask at the school office. We also ask that parents do not bring dogs on to school grounds. They can frighten some children and their faeces can spread serious disease.

Collection Arrangements

On your child's admission to school forms are completed which give information as to contact names and telephone numbers in the event of accident or illness. We also request the completion of a collection form each September which gives any updated information and the names of three people who might arrive to collect your child at the end of the school day. This, obviously, is for the safety of the child and we hope that if any circumstances change during the year that you would keep us informed. 

Road Safety

Children who walk from the Spruce Avenue side of Appleton Drive will benefit from using the road crossing patrol which is available morning and afternoon. Please ensure the children listen and wait and pass in front of the school crossing person when he indicates it is safe to cross.

Road Safety For those who come to school by car it is important to remember that Spruce Avenue is narrow and that the road leads to a cul-de-sac requiring all passing traffic to pass again in order to leave. It is because of this problem that we ask you to park either along Appleton Drive or the Spruce Avenue section which leads on to the Junior School.

There is insufficient parking at the school for all parents, although children or parents with physical needs will need to "drop off" outside the main entrance. 

Bicycles  can now be brought to school  as we have new storage facilities. We cannot be responsible for the safety of children cycling on school grounds and ask that they walk their bikes to the roadway.

Healthy Schools

We have worked hard to achieve the new Healthy Schools Standard. We encourage children to bring in a named water bottle so they have access to water throughout the day. Children have free fruit at morning break if they wish. They may bring in a healthy snack from home if they wish, ie fruit, raw vegetables and raisins. They should not bring sweets or chocolate biscuits.

Lunch Times Year R/1/2 

1200 to 1315 hours

Children may stay for school meals, sandwiches or have dinner at home. As there is no road crossing patrol at lunchtimes we ask you to collect your child from school and return by 13. 15.

School meals are cooked on site and menus issued in advance. 


Please send your child's lunches in a named container and please consider the children's safety when packing drinks. Do not send drinks in bottles or cans but in a container with a good seal. Remember - hot drinks can scald. The school does not have 'cold store' facilities so please consider this when selecting items for the packed lunch. We promote healthy eating and lifestyles so please ensure your children bring a healthy and balanced packed lunch.