School documents relating to the Education Acts may be seen on application to the Headteacher. The school is required by law to keep a range of policies on curriculum and many other areas and parents can view most of these here. A copy of the OFSTED report is also available on this website. The school is also required by law to have policies on race,community cohesion, SEN, safeguarding, disability, equal opportunities, collective worship, behaviour, attendance, gifted and talented and sex education.


                 Accessibility Plan

Accessibility plan 2017-18.pdf Accessibility plan 2017-18.pdf
Size : 89.799 Kb
Type : pdf

Administration of Medicines 

Adult Volunteer Helpers Policy 2016.pdf Adult Volunteer Helpers Policy 2016.pdf
Size : 136.088 Kb
Type : pdf

Attendance Policy, Process and Sample Letter

Please see letters and flow chart
Attendance Policy 2018-19.pdf Attendance Policy 2018-19.pdf
Size : 224.887 Kb
Type : pdf
Model attendance warning letter.pdf Model attendance warning letter.pdf
Size : 52.026 Kb
Type : pdf
attendance flow chart.pdf attendance flow chart.pdf
Size : 65.98 Kb
Type : pdf
Letter attendance 2017 Infant.pdf Letter attendance 2017 Infant.pdf
Size : 291.249 Kb
Type : pdf


Anti-Bullying policy 2018-19.pdf Anti-Bullying policy 2018-19.pdf
Size : 192.309 Kb
Type : pdf

 Behaviour Policy

Behaviour policy 2018-19.pdf Behaviour policy 2018-19.pdf
Size : 160.985 Kb
Type : pdf
Operation Encompass.pdf Operation Encompass.pdf
Size : 1478.409 Kb
Type : pdf

Calculation Policy 

School Calculation Policy.pdf School Calculation Policy.pdf
Size : 483.091 Kb
Type : pdf

Data Protection 

Privacy Notice v1.2 25.5.18.pdf Privacy Notice v1.2 25.5.18.pdf
Size : 611.335 Kb
Type : pdf

 Disability Policy

disability policy 2018-19.pdf disability policy 2018-19.pdf
Size : 140.984 Kb
Type : pdf

  DDA Accessibility Plan   

DDA Accesibility plan 2018-19.pdf DDA Accesibility plan 2018-19.pdf
Size : 211.606 Kb
Type : pdf

Drugs Education Policy 

Drugs Education Policy 2018.pdf Drugs Education Policy 2018.pdf
Size : 133.795 Kb
Type : pdf

 Educational Visits 

Educational Visits model policy 2017-18.pdf Educational Visits model policy 2017-18.pdf
Size : 127.269 Kb
Type : pdf

 Equality Action Plan

Equality action plans 2018-19.pdf Equality action plans 2018-19.pdf
Size : 147.664 Kb
Type : pdf
Equal opportunities policy 2017-18.pdf Equal opportunities policy 2017-18.pdf
Size : 99.55 Kb
Type : pdf

 E-Safety Policy    

E-Safety Policy 2018 infant and junior.pdf E-Safety Policy 2018 infant and junior.pdf
Size : 375.657 Kb
Type : pdf

Gifted & Talented Policy 

Gifted and Talented Policy 2018-19.pdf Gifted and Talented Policy 2018-19.pdf
Size : 210.039 Kb
Type : pdf

 Health & Safety Policy

H and S policy March 2018.pdf H and S policy March 2018.pdf
Size : 508.566 Kb
Type : pdf

 Homework Policy

Homework policy 2018-20.pdf Homework policy 2018-20.pdf
Size : 134.073 Kb
Type : pdf

 Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding Policy 2017-18 Appendix 4.pdf Safeguarding Policy 2017-18 Appendix 4.pdf
Size : 98.013 Kb
Type : pdf
Safeguarding Policy infant  2018-19.pdf Safeguarding Policy infant 2018-19.pdf
Size : 1259.144 Kb
Type : pdf

 Intimate Care Policy   

IntimateCarePolicy 2017-18.pdf IntimateCarePolicy 2017-18.pdf
Size : 83.667 Kb
Type : pdf

SEN Policy & Offer

sen pol. 2018-19 infant.pdf sen pol. 2018-19 infant.pdf
Size : 149.109 Kb
Type : pdf

PE Funding 

 Racial Equality

Racial Equality  Policy 2016-18.pdf Racial Equality Policy 2016-18.pdf
Size : 97.595 Kb
Type : pdf

 Single Equality Plan

single equality plan 2014.pdf single equality plan 2014.pdf
Size : 288.93 Kb
Type : pdf

Sex Education Policy 

Sex ed Policy 2018-20.pdf Sex ed Policy 2018-20.pdf
Size : 136.154 Kb
Type : pdf
Assessment Policy 2017-18 infant.pdf Assessment Policy 2017-18 infant.pdf
Size : 97.617 Kb
Type : pdf
Complaints Policy.pdf Complaints Policy.pdf
Size : 360.202 Kb
Type : pdf
Prevent Policy 2018.pdf Prevent Policy 2018.pdf
Size : 402.772 Kb
Type : pdf
ChargingPolicy 2018-19.pdf ChargingPolicy 2018-19.pdf
Size : 133.006 Kb
Type : pdf


During the course of the school year there may be opportunities to publicise some activities that your child is involved in. This may involve filming or photographing children for use in the local media. As a school we welcome these opportunities, believing that positive publicity benefits all involved with the school. There may be times when we arrange photography for our own purposes eg displays, school prospectus or events where parents wish to take their own photographs e.g. sports day and concerts. Photography or filming will only take place with the permission of the Headteacher and with supervision by school staff. All parents receive a form giving them the option to refuse permission for their child's image to be used. Parents who wish to video events in school are required to fill in a consent form obtained from the school office. This is to comply with Child Protection legislation.