School Council

 The School Council is a very important part of Ormesby Village Infant School. It gives the children an opportunity to voice their opinions on a variety of issues. Each class holds regular class council meetings. The school council representatives from each class then take their class issues to the school council. 

The school council really does empower the children to become active thinkers in how the school could improve itself.

 What we've been working on...

During our work on anti-bullying we have produced our own child-friendly anti-bullying policy to share with our class mates. We also helped Miss Swift introduce Anti-Bullying Week in assembly by talking about what bullying is and what we can do if someone is being bullied. 

Power for Good!

During our Easter Bonnet Parade, three of our school council members had the tricky job of awarding a prize for the best bonnet overall. The children took time to discuss their ideas, listening to each others' opinion, before making a final decision!

We have also re-introduced playground angels.

The older children take it in turns to look out for their peers and younger children during play times and lunch times.

Year 2 School Council members have spent the afternoon planting some new flowers in order to make our school look as welcoming as possible! 

Our red, white and blue day to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday was a big success! We had fun making crowns and icing biscuits, as well as learning about the royal family and past queens. Thank you for all of the plants that were brought in. The children enjoyed planting them and our new planters are looking really good!

 The School Council are currently talking about ways to improve the transitions for children between the Infant and Junior school, as well as from Reception to Year 1 and 2, and from preschool to Reception. Our Year 2 School Council representatives visited preschool to share a story and answer any questions the preschools had about big school!

School Council representatives from the Junior School visited our school recently to talk to our Year 2 children about moving up to the Junior School. They gave us lots of useful information and held a question and answer session to address things the children wanted to know about or were worried about.

On Tuesday, 28th June, the School Council representatives from Ormesby Village Infant and Junior School got to visit the Town Hall in Great Yarmouth. We held a meeting in the council chamber, found out about local government and how decisions are made, and even got to have lunch with the Mayor!

We have joined the Salvation Army School Uniform Recycling Project! Our School Council welcomed Ben Selfe to the school. He did an assembly to tell us all about the work the Salvation Army do and how we can get involved in this new project. 

School Council members

Lucy Brown

Chair person

    Mia Cooper

Vice-Chair person

     Mrs Newby  - staff representative

    (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

                                                                  Year 2 representatives

     Lily May Freeman


  Desire Honour

Oscar Collins                            Grace Tsang

                                               Year 1 representatives

Maximilien Rossage

Leila Simmonds

Aiden Whittaker


   Year R representatives

     Maddie Thurtle

    Bijou Bond

 Cruz Hammond

      Jude Thurlow