Class Dojo

You should be able to access the 'Class Dojo' website once you have received your child's individual log in. This website is where you will find the work set each week by the teacher. 
Please try to keep on top of the work to ensure the progression in knowledge and skills your child has acquired since starting school. 
The activities should be fun and exciting to complete, which should motivate your child to want to learn. It will also be lovely for them to share and show you what they can do now independently! Without the distractions of their peers, it is likely your child will complete the tasks at a relatively fast pace. If so, please use alternative educational websites to expand your child's learning. There will be more suggested websites to follow. Additionally, if you sign into the Norfolk County Council website, click on the 'coronavirus updates page' link, and then scroll down to the 'Educational Resources', you will find more home learning activities and resources for children. 

This website will be a valuable tool for your child to access and continue their learning in literacy activities, including reading, writing and learning the phonics and 'tricky words' to support them with this. 
A personal log in will be emailed to you, which will then give access to phonic activities and a wide range of books. The books will be allocated to your child's current ability, and reviewed by the teacher to ensure additional books are allocated once these have been read and used to their best and maximum potential. 

Please set out to:
Hear your child read for 15 mins daily
Continue to practice keywords ( all of the sets have been distributed with an accompanying letter which explains this)
To assess how much your child has understood about the text / story they have read, ask them questions to establish their understanding
Talk about the pictures in the books, and ask your child to predict what might happen next
Encourage your child to use their imagination and change what would happen if they were the author
Make your own books and ask your child to write a simple sentence to match the pictures they have drawn ( these can be written using APPS if preferred)
Make the most of the time to share your own books and comics together
Books usually used by KS1 may be additional resources to share together, and can be accessed using the website

Mathematical Development
This area of learning includes: 
recognising and ordering numbers to 20
     simple calculation
      2D and 3D shapes
             patterns and symmetry 
            measuring length, weight and height 
                   and other aspects of maths encountered in our daily lives. 

There are so many activities you can do simply at home, and these will be suggested as a weekly task. Meanwhile, counting forwards and back to 20 (and beyond) in 1s and 2s, and up to 100 and back in 10s, are the types of learning your child has been doing at school. 

There are many maths websites to access, which will be shared with you on Class Dojo each week. To get started try:

Topmarks - Caterpillar Ordering
Set the range to 0-20 initially. 


Use your personal log in to access the 'espresso' site. This website has a wealth of resources and learning opportunities for your child including phonics, maths, and the other areas of learning within the EYFS. Some of the activities for Year One may also be useful for your child as they are developing their skills and knowledge. Treat these as additional chances to share the learning together. Have fun!