Welcome to Bumblebee Class!

Important information:
*Please make sure children have their P.E kit in school everyday. We usually have Gymnastics on a Tuesday and P.E on a Wednesday. 
*If you would like your child's reading book changed, please put it in the red Reading Records box when you come in.
*Spelling books go home weekly on a Wednesday and need to be in school on Monday ready for the spelling test. 
*Maths homework goes home fortnightly on a Friday. Once completed, please place in the yellow Homework Folders box to be marked. 

Our topics this year:
*Aha, Aho, Tracks in the Snow
*To Infinity and Beyond
*Just Imagine
*Into the Woods
*Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Princess?

The children are now settled into their new class and have been working hard during their first half-term in Year One...


Children have been learning to count forwards and backwards to 100, and to count in twos, fives and tens. They also found out how to use the symbols to show if a number is 'less than' or 'greater than'.

We have done lots of work on place value, and learnt to partition our numbers into tens and ones using the Base 10 and Numicon to help us.

During our last week at school we revised our 2D shapes. We enjoyed making pictures with the shapes and going on a 2D shape hunt around school!


Year One loved listening to and watching all of the different Funnybones stories!

We made our own skeletons and used our knowledge of the story to add speech bubbles to them. We learnt what onomatopoeia means and added some to a page from a Funnybones book.

To conclude our topic on Funnybones, children had a go at writing their own Funnybones story.

Check out our artwork using natural resources, leaf people and Autumn poems!
We have been very busy celebrating Christmas in Bumblebee Class!

All children did a fantastic job of performing in our Christmas play and looked excellent in their costumes! 

The children enjoyed their Christmas lunch and made a special crown to wear in the dinner hall!

Before we finished for the Christmas holidays we did some cookery. The children made a stained glass window biscuit. They helped measure out the ingredients and liked observing the change in state of the different ingredients. The biscuits smelt delicious!
Africa Alive

We have been learning about animals around the world and have had some very special visitors in school! A lady who works at Africa Alive brought in some animals for us to learn about and touch if we were feeling brave!

The children got to meet...

Charlie the Madagascan hissing cockroach

Baddielie the leopard tortoise

Sylvester the constrictor snake
Maths Cafe 7/02/20
As part of the NSPCC Number Day, we invited parents and family members into school to share a Maths story and complete some number-based activities. Year One enjoyed listening to the book 365 Penguins, and then had fun using 2D shapes to design their own penguin and writing some penguin number problems! Children also made a beadstring to help with their learning at school and produced a number card that has been put up as part of a number line around our school! Thank you for supporting the NSPCC and school Maths resources, and to all those who attended the Maths Cafe.