Mrs Allen's Class

Teaching Year R 2016/17 

Welcome to my class page where you will discover what your child is learning about and also important information to support your child on their learning journey. Please always feel free to ask questions if you are unsure about something. Mornings are usually busy times, but if possible I will answer any queries you may have. Alternatively, I can contact you by phone during the day if this is a better option than speaking when your child is collected. You may also wish to write a note in your child's reading diary, but if so please let us know as this will only be noticed if it is your child's day to read

Themes and Topics

This year our themes and topics will be:

Autumn Term 

All About Me

   Witches and Wizards

       Seasonal Themes

Spring Term 

   Food – Where does it come from?



Summer Term 

People who help us

     Animals and the alphabet 


     During the Summer Term the children will experience a school visit to support their learning. 


Your child needs the following every day at school please:

  • Water bottle
  • Book bag and reading folder
  • P.E. Kit
  • Spare clothes especially underwear and socks

Autumn Term

The children have settled into school extremely well, and have become familiar with the new routines and environments. Thank you for supporting your child with their transition from pre-school settings. Most of the children are now confident to enter the classroom independently, so if your child is happy to leave you at the door, this will support their personal, social and emotional development. The children settle quickly once the day begins; if we are concerned about your child we will always contact you. Likewise, if there is a reason why your child may be unsettled, please let us know. 

All about Me

Our first topic this term was planned to help everyone  get to know each other. We have been finding out about our families, pets and favourite things. Through the activities both planned and child initiated, the children have particularly been building on their personal, social and emotional development. The nature of the Foundation Stage has also provided opportunities for lots of cross curricular learning including maths development, physical activities to support fine motor control and develop spatial awareness. Also, there have been some wonderful creative opportunities for your child to paint, sing and use role-play to take them off to some unusual places in their developing minds. This has hugely supported language development too.

Autumn Walk

This term we have been considering the way the seasons change throughout the year. We have been nature detectives using the school grounds to look for signs of Autumn. We  collected leaves, twigs and other things from outdoors that remind us of this time of the year. Everyone has created an interesting collage to represent Autumn.  


The children have made a good start to learning letters and sounds during the Autumn term.  Please check your child's Sounds Book weekly for the new sounds being taught, in order for your child to complete their rainbow letters and to share the new sounds and actions with you too. Ask them to sing the songs and teach you the actions; this will help them to consolidate the sounds, whilst also sharing with you what they have been learning. 

Maths Development

Your child needs to be secure with the numbers zero to twenty by the end of the Summer term. This term we will be  learning about numbers and shapes. This will include learning about writing numbers and recognising them in a random order, simple addition and subtraction, more and less than given numbers, 2D and 3D shapes.  If your child is reluctant to read to you at home on occasion, try doing some maths instead. For example, looking at shapes in your home, counting objects or writing number sentences.


Reading books will be issued twice a week on your child's designated days to read. Please send reading books and keywords in everyday to allow for additional reading sessions when this is possible. Remember to sign your child's reading diary to indicate your child has shared the book at home with you. Keywords are assessed frequently and new sets issued according to how your child is progressing.  Please focus on the new words but re-visit all words from time to time.  The keywords will be separated into two 'sets'. The words your child needs to practise regularly and the words your child knows but needs to read every so often. Tricky words (non-decodable words) will have a cloud or bubble surrounding them, and other words will have sound buttons to help your child to decode and blend sounds. Just five to ten minutes reading everyday can make a tremendous difference to pace at which your child will develop their reading ability. Remember to visit your local library to foster a desire to want to read a range of fiction and non-fiction books - it's free and fun!

Physical Development

Wednesday morning is our timetabled slot for P.E. in the hall. However, remember your child has access to physical activities whenever they are at school, for example the trim trail, bikes and scooters and activities that develop their fine motor control.  Please ensure your child has the correct P.E. kit and encourage your child to get dressed independently to support them when they get changed at school. You may want to choose clothes that are easier for your child to change into e.g. polo shirts rather than buttoned shirts. It is also advisable to check the plimsolls frequently, since growth spurts may mean they have become too small. Please send in a spare set of clothes for your child to keep in school in case of accidents. 


Take a look at our photos to see what we have been learning and doing this term. 

Learning through play and exploration.


 Useful websites to support your child's learning.

Useful Apps to support your child's learning.

Phonics Match

Phonics Farm

Phase Three Twinkl

Long Vowels

Maths, age 4-6 (onebillion)