Welcome to the Ormesby Infant School website. 
Here you will find important information about your child's learning, including photographs of them on task. 

Our Topics

Each term we will focus on a different topic. Much of the teaching will be planned around the topic, to engage your child and support their learning. It also helps your child to enjoy their learning and make the experience fun! 

Typically, your child will be involved in the following each week:

Writing activity - at least one piece of writing

Reading - twice a week to an adult

Maths - at least one activity weekly

Handwriting - three times a week

Phonic activities - daily

Technology - a visit to the computer suite weekly

Physical development - Monday afternoon and Friday lunchtime

Exploring media,materials and design - weekly

Music - weekly

Understanding the World - weekly

Circle time (PSED) weekly

These are the focused activities, when your child will work with an adult. In addition your child will have opportunities for free choice activities (these are also planned to enhance the learning) and access to the outdoor area. During these activities, your child will be developing critical thinking and problem solving skills, social skills and developing their listening and speaking skills. 

So, if your child comes home worn out and not wanting to share what they have been doing at school, you will know how busy they have been!

Autumn Term

All about Me


Spring Term


Castles, Knights and Princesses

Summer Term



Weekly Routines

Monday and Friday - PE

P.E. bags must be in school all of the time please.

Your child needs a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and plimsolls.

Long hair needs to be tied back please and earrings must be covered with tape.

Please ensure your child's reading record, book and keywords are in their book bag everyday. There are occasions when you child may read at school on a day other than their usual day. 

We encourage your child to bring a water bottle to school, which s/he can access throughout the day. Please note, only water is allowed in these. For lunchtime squash and other flavoured water is allowed. 

All about Me

We have all settled into school extremely well. The routines and weekly events are now fully under way (including getting changed for P.E.!)

During the initial weeks at school, time was used to allow the children to settle into the school day. This included things such as lunchtime, learning to choose what to have, carrying our own tray to the table, and eating new foods. Everyone has done remarkably well. Why not encourage your child to try something different at school? Children often eat foods at school that they may not eat at home just because their friends are. 

A familiar topic was introduced, so that the children could share lots of information about themselves. This gave the children the opportunity to develop their communication and language skills, as they shared their likes and dislikes and talked about their own experiences, including who is in their family. The topic gave the children the chance to explore art, role play and initial attempts at writing. 

Number development has included recognising numbers, counting 1:1 and learning how to write numbers. 

In P.E. the children have been lucky to have their lesson provided by Premier Sports. This has included both an early years approach on a Monday and a P.E. approach on a Friday. Both lessons have  required the children to listen carefully and follow instructions - a very necessary strand of learning. 

So, as you can see already we have been very busy at school and look forward to our next topic

 'Super Heroes'

 Next term your child will begin to have their keywords split into two sets. One is the set to practise daily please, while the other is a weekly task. More sounds will be sent home in the 'Sounds Book', for your child to complete, and to also make you aware of the letters and sounds of the week. 

Thank you for your support with your child's learning. 

 Some photographs of  the learning in the Autumn term.

Using the whiteboards, we have been practising writing letters and numbers. 
We have been thinking about our feelings and how lovely it is to give presents to the people we care about. The children have painted a picture of their gift to someone special to them. 
Learning about number formation
Christmas Celebrations

The Ladybirds have been busy during the Christmas term. They have been learning about the Nativity, and how drama can re-tell  a story. Well done to the children who represented life in China, as our play took us around the world . Everyone played a special role in our opportunity to be part of the school production. We discovered that we had hidden talents; some children were brilliant dancers, others were a fantastic Chinese dragon and everyone sang so beautifully.Thank you for the lovely bright and authentic costumes sent in for your child to wear. 

Other Christmas celebrations included the Christmas dinner when the children wore their own decorated Christmas hat, the Christmas party which included traditional party games and on the last day of term Reverend Mandy visited the school to tell the children about the meaning of Christingle. The Ladybirds were delighted to receive their own Christingle to take home and enjoy. 

Here are a selection of photographs to show a few of the activities mentioned above. 
Spring term

The Spring term has already been a busy time for the children. In literacy, we have begun to learn more sounds to help us with our reading and writing. We now know that sometimes sounds have more than one letter (2 or 3 sounds together) but that they still only have one sound button. You will now have several sets of keywords, which I have separated into 'everyday' and 'weekly'. Remember to practise all of the keywords once a week if possible, to consolidate what your child has already learned. Finally, the sounds books are once again being sent home weekly with new sounds for your child to learn. Encourage them to colour each sound and say it aloud, and return every Monday for marking and for further sounds to be issued. 

In mathematical development, we are now learning about calculations including addition and subtraction. We have been using different strategies to find the answer to the number sentences. Also, the children have been learning about money including the different values of each coin. Please remember to challenge your child's knowledge of 2D and 3D shape at home, using the vocabulary they have been learning. For example, tin cans being cylinders, boxes may be cubes or cuboids and footballs referred to as spheres. Ask you child how many corners, sides or faces each shape has to extend their learning.  We will continue to practise calculations throughout Reception, and become really good mathemagicans!

Topic Work

The Ladybirds are having so much fun learning about our topic of toys. We have been learning about both old and new toys, drawing comparisons and differences between toys from different generations. Thank you and grandparents for sharing your own experiences of the precious years of childhood and the toys you owned and loved.

Forthcoming events

We are looking forward to sharing some more learning in the final week of this half term, when you are invited to join us for a typical maths lesson, where the children can share a variety of activities with you too. Please send a relative if you are unable to attend. 


As part of our literacy learning, we have been thinking about alliteration and rhyming words. To put the learning into practice, the Ladybirds worked in small groups and became poets. They have written some impressive poetry based on what they know both about the theme of their poem and rhyming words too. Each group performed their poem to the class, in recognition of the hard work by everyone.