Mrs Allen's Class 

Teaching Year R in 2015/16

This year, our topics will be:

  • All About Me / Traditional Tales
  • Space
  • Where in the World is Barnaby Bear?
  • Pirates
  • Growing Plants
  • Minibeasts

Important Information:

Our class have P.E every Tuesday, so please ensure children have their P.E kit at school on that day.

Remember to send your child to school with a labelled water bottle, and make sure all of their school uniform and P.E kit has your child's name inside. 

Sound Books will be sent home on a Friday with the new sounds taught that week. Practising their 'rainbow letters' will help children to form their letters correctly. 

You can also support your child's learning at home by practising their keywords with them, and learn the actions to our sounds!

After a successful induction, the children have been settling into school life, making friends, and learning lots of new things! We have done some work on our feelings, and came up with our own classroom rules to make sure everyone is safe and happy at school.


Our Phonics sessions teach us new sounds using fun actions to help us remember them. There are also lots of opportunities for writing, and the children are learning to listen for their sounds. 


We need to learn our numbers to 20, so use games on the interactive whiteboard and laptops to help us. 


The children are now familiar with the classroom environment, and are beginning to select resources that help them to develop as independent learners.

 The children in my class have been settling into school very well and are beginning to learn some of our daily routines. During the Autumn term we spend a lot of time helping the children to settle into school life. The children have made many new friends and we have been thinking about the wide range of feelings experienced such as happy, sad, excited and grumpy. We have also been learning our class rules which the children decided upon to keep us safe and happy in school.

Everyday we have a phonic session when we learn our letters and sounds. To do this we have actions and songs to help us to remember the sounds. We also have our own Sounds Book that we take home to practise writing our 'rainbow letters'.  

In mathematical development we are learning our numbers from zero to twenty. We need to be able to recognise and order these numbers by the end of Reception, and so to help our learning we have been playing number games indoors and outdoors. We have also started to learn about simple calculations and 2D shapes.  Every morning as we do the register, we count to see how many children are having sandwiches or hot dinners. Mrs Allen has a display on the whiteboard which helps us to remember the order of the numbers. 

Now that we are growing up, we are learning how to be independent learners by finding the things we need to do our work, such as pencils, crayons and scissors. We help each other in class and work together. The interactive whiteboard gives us lots of chances to practise our learning and we also take turns with the laptops in the classroom. 

This term we went on an Autumn walk to look at the changing seasons; we collected conkers, acorns, and leaves and used them to do some observational drawings and great writing about Autumn.  We have had lots of fun learning new skills to help us on our learning journey through school . Here are some photographs of some of the activities we have been doing so far this term (Autumn 2014).

 Autumn Walk Photos

 P.E. Timetable

Reception children will have P.E. on Monday afternoons during the Autumn term. Please ensure that your child's P.E. bag is in school. Also,to help them undress and dress independently could they wear clothes that are easier for them to manage, for example a polo shirt rather than a shirt with many buttons. 

Children often have growth spurts, so it is best to check the plimsolls still fit at least every half term. 

Thank you. 


 Water bottles

Please send in a named bottle containing water for your child to access throughout the day.If your child wishes to have a flavoured drink for lunchtime, this should be in a separate named container please. 

 Book bags

Please send in your child's book bag everyday. We aim to hear your child read twice a week and change their reading book and keywords as appropriate for each individual child. 

Please sign or initial the reading diary, in order to inform us you have shared the book at home. Thank you for your support.

 Learning Journals

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who were able to come along to our coffee morning or afternoon tea events, and share the learning journals with the children. We understand that for some parents this was not possible. If you were unable to attend and would like to have the same opportunity to look at the learning journal with your child, please let me know so that I can arrange to send it home for you. 

Below are some photographs of the children sharing their experiences at school. 

Summer Term

The children have reached their final term in Reception! The topics for the Summer term are ‘Seasides’ and ‘Farms’ and will include a trip to a venue that compliments one of these themes. We will notify you of the date as soon as it has been booked.                       


This half term in maths we will be learning…

•to continue to order and write numbers to 20 and beyond

 •to use Numicon to support our mathematical understanding

•to say one/two more than a number and count on for addition

•to say one/two less than a number and count back for subtraction

•to solve everyday problems involving addition and subtraction

 •to begin to understand the relevance of time and how it is used

 •to learn the names and properties of some 3D shapes

 •to learn about positional language


This half term in Literacy we will be learning…

•to use our phonic knowledge when writing for a variety of purposes

•the features and uses of non-fiction books

•to write facts for our own non-fiction books  

•to continue to use phonics to help us to read and write  

•to learn more ‘tricky words’ and recognise them in our reading books  

•to use ‘tricky words’ in our own writing 

As explorers we will be learning…

•about the similarities and differences between seaside towns and inland towns  


We will also be learning to…

•be sensitive to the differences between ourselves and other children

•attempt to resolve conflicts by negotiating with other children

•be part of a team and work together during games and sports activities

•choose colours carefully when being creative and explore colour mixing in more depth  

•work with different media to create a clay tile design using special clay tools    

When you at home and your child does something impressive, please fill in the notelets and return to your child’s teacher in their book bag. These can be shared with their class mates and be added to their Learning Journals. Please ask if you need any more. Thank you.