Mr Townsend's Class

Teaching Year 1/2 in 2014/15

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Class 1/2T continued to have a very enjoyable and successful half term. The children were full of enthusiasm during 'Science Week' and enhanced their understanding of different types of forces. They investigated creating different circuits, making parachutes and learning about magnetism. Please do come and have a look at our display, outside the classroom, to find out more about the week and in particular the floating and sinking investigations you were invited to come and help your children with. The week finished with Dr D.N.A. coming in on the Friday to do some hair raising investigations with a plasma ball and static electricity!

In Literacy, we looked at Fairy Tales and the children wrote their own stories, using the features of the familiar tales of Cinderella and Jack and the Beanstalk. The stories linked to our Castles topic, which will continue into the new summer term. Already the children have learnt about William the Conquerer, why castles were built and the features of them. Recently, we have been finding out about what daily life is like in a castle and learnt a lot more from our trip to Norwich Castle on the last day of term. Take a look at the photos below to find out more about the day.

Darren Townsend